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  • Castles and churches in Germany

    Castles and churches in Germany

    Did you know that there are more than 20,000 castles in Germany 🇩🇪?!! I’ve been to a castles and palaces and a broken-down church too. Lots of buildings are made of stone in Germany and some the roads too. It is fun to ride on a bumpy road. Here are some photos of castles and […]

  • School in Germany

    School in Germany

    In school we have something different for a pencil case that is called a Federtasche. That is the German way of saying pencil case – did you know that? We use it most of the time because we use it to write. Right now we are learning the letter X. It has been fun because […]

  • Viola da gamba and Violins

    Viola da gamba and Violins

    I went to a workshop and saw how viola da gamba, cellos and violins 🎻 are made!Do you want to see one too?

  • Love time

    Hi I’m Camille and I’m going to share my good times with you!

  • Windows in Germany.

    Windows   in  Germany.

    The windows in Germany have a special way of opening so the air can flow in! Cool right!