Berlin’s Natural History Museum

On Friday the 2nd of June we went to a history museum. There were so many gross 🤮 things on display but it was also interesting and satisfying to watch.

Some of my favourite things were

  • the half bone, half skin velociraptor
  • the video showing how people do taxidermy (stuffing animals for display)
  • the room with specimen sting rays and fish in jars – gross
  • the room showing how they make digital displays about different animals like flies, butterflies, dragonflies and moths
  • the space room where you lay on your back and watched a movie 🍿about planet earth 🌏 and the galaxy on the ceiling!

I really liked the binoculars where you could look at the dinosaur skeletons and see how they would have looked with muscles and skin and walking around in their own habitats and eating their own food. The brachiosaurus was eating leaves 🍃 There was one dinosaur eating an animal leg 🦖 and he came right over and roared because he didn’t want to share his food!

These were some crazy-headed, really huge insects!

This exhibit was about the earth and the solar system. We lay on our backs and watched the movie on the screen 📺. The screen got closer and closer until…it came right down on us from outer space, to our 🌏 then our atmosphere, then over Berlin, then right over the building, until it got soooo close it put us on the screen!

There were lots of different dinosaur skeletons, some dinosaur fossils and some very large moth fossils.

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