Author: camille

  • Trees 🌳 in Germany

    There are 90 billion trees in Germany! I know what you’re thinking – it must be a shady place here, but it isn’t. It is actually very sunny because it is summer now. I am sitting in the sun with my dad right now and I am waiting to go in the pool🏊‍♀️.

  • Me and my sister in the well

    One day we were walking along Luxembourg and we saw a well that people used to wash their clothes in and meet up and hang out together. We wanted to go in the well, so we asked our mum and she said fine. There was also a clean pool, but when we both went in […]

  • Castles and churches in Germany

    Castles and churches in Germany

    Did you know that there are more than 20,000 castles in Germany 🇩🇪?!! I’ve been to a castles and palaces and a broken-down church too. Lots of buildings are made of stone in Germany and some the roads too. It is fun to ride on a bumpy road. Here are some photos of castles and […]

  • School in Germany

    School in Germany

    In school we have something different for a pencil case that is called a Federtasche. That is the German way of saying pencil case – did you know that? We use it most of the time because we use it to write. Right now we are learning the letter X. It has been fun because […]

  • Viola da gamba and Violins

    Viola da gamba and Violins

    I went to a workshop and saw how viola da gamba, cellos and violins 🎻 are made!Do you want to see one too?

  • Windows in Germany.

    Windows   in  Germany.

    The windows in Germany have a special way of opening so the air can flow in! Cool right!